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Hi there, I hope you are doing well. Welcome to my resource page. Here is where to find access to past events, learn more about Help Adolescents Speak Out, LLC, and God's Child Publishing, LLC. Let me know if there is something you want and it is not listed. A simple chat will take care of that. I am a creator!

Celebrate God

This is a past event to release the old baggage of 2023 while preparing for 2024.

The 2024 Vision Prep includes writing out all your 2023 accomplishments, answering questions to understand 2024, and a proven strategy to ensure your 2024 will increase your abundance and bottom line!

Download this event below

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Help Adolescents Speak Out, LLC

HASO is a personal development company for youth and families to gain the resources needed in the area of advocacy, coaching, education. We host family events around Mecklenburg County, NC. Along with online weekly session. Learn more about what HASO can do for you and your family!

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